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jSVIcoder 0.9.0a (released 2009-08-06)
* fixed some bugs
* multi language interface
* sortable videolist
* codecs updated

jSVIcoder 0.8.0 (released 2008-02-16)
* fixed bug with converting flv (too fast video)
* GUI updated
* autosaving video list (if you close the program while encoding the video list, it will start from the last point at the next startup)
* faster encoding

svicoder 0.7.1 (released 2008-01-26)
* Bug with input filenames with spaces fixed
* pattern support ( 'svicoder "*.avi"' will encode all .avi files in current directory (ATTENTION pattern must be quoted))
* using "-i" without "-o" is now possible
* silent install (type sudo ./install to see list of supported players)

svicoder 0.6.0 (released 2008-01-19)
* fixed bug with converting flv (too fast video)
* fixed bug with yp-t9 player (format not supported)
* 15 Samsung players now are supported
* faster encoding
* advanced install script (now you can chose player model once and use command "svicoder videofile" to convert videofile in videofile.svi)
* added uninstall script

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